Benchtop System Overview

Resonon’s benchtop hyperspectral imaging system is comprised of a Pika hyperspectral imaging camera, linear translation stage, mounting tower, lighting assembly, and software control system. The positions of the imager and lighting assembly are adjustable along the length of the tower. See Figure 1 below.

Resonon’s hyperspectral imagers are line-scan imagers (also referred to as push-broom imagers). Two-dimensional images are constructed by translating the sample relative to the camera. This is typically accomplished by placing the sample on a linear translation stage.

benchtop system

Figure 1. Benchtop hyperspectral imaging system

Resonon’s Pika imaging spectrometers are compact, high fidelity, digital instruments for industrial and scientific applications. Spectronon is a powerful hyperspectral data visualization and analysis software package we provide as a free download. Spectronon is easy to learn, offers efficient workflow, and is highly extensible by the user for custom applications. Additionally, a number of datacubes can be downloaded from the Resonon website ( so you can begin exploring hyperspectral data within a few minutes.

spectronon screenshot, camera and leaf

SpectrononPro has all the features of Spectronon, but also includes data collection tools that are highly integrated with our Pika imaging spectrometers to streamline the collection of spectral images.