Resonon API  3.8
C++ API for controlling Resonon hyperspectral imagers
Resonon API Documentation

Terms Of Use

By using this API, the user agrees to the terms and conditions as stated in the document "Resonon API Terms of Use", located on the Resonon website at


Included here are the library and header files for the Resonon API, as well as a directory of example code. This API allows for control of Resonon hyperspectral Imagers, including the ability to set camera settings, set up spectral calibration, acquire frames, and save data to a datacube format readable with Spectronon (see examples). The API wraps the various camera vendor APIs used by Resonon products and provides a simplified interface that is consistent across all Resonon's hyperspectral imagers.


The installer installs the Resonon API by default to %PROGRAMFILES%/ResononAPI. If you selected "Append to Path" during installation then the appropriate bin subdirectory (bin64 or bin32, depending on architecture) is added to your path so the Resonon DLLs can be found at runtime.

As of version 3.0 64-bit and 32-bit .lib and .dll files are distributed with both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the API. The underlying camera vendor driver packages may be specific to 64-bit or 32-bit architectures however. Where this is the case only vendor packages appropriate for the selected architecture are included in the installer.

Directory Structure

Building Examples

The examples include project files for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. To build using an alternative compiler use the table below to link against the appropriate libraries.


If your code makes use of classes defined in the following headers, your application will have dependencies as shown below. These dependencies are included in the API installer. Resonon libraries can be found in the bin64 or bin32 folders, while 3rd party dependencies are supplied by vendor installers which, if selected, are run by the Resonon API installer. These installers will install the dependencies in their own locations and automatically update your system PATH variable to include these dependencies. They also install required hardware drivers and in some cases create additional system variables. If you need to distribute applications without the use of the Resonon API installer please contact Resonon for assistance.

Header File Resonon Libraries 3rd Party .dlls Required Installer Option
resonon_imager_basler.h resonon-basler Basler Pylon 5 runtime Basler Drivers
resonon_imager_allied.h resonon-allied VimbaC Vimba Drivers


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